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October 2016

A classic outhouse in the ghost town of Bodie, California. Visit Bodie State Historic Park to take it for a spin.

Photo By: Faith Ranney


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Longbow Funds Identity and Website

When companies have similar names and goals, it is important to maintain that commonality, while ensuring that each company has its own distinguishing identity. The Longbow Funds and Longbow Partners logos are based on similar ideas of excellence, success, and focused performance. To differentiate between the two, we maintained the imagery of the archery longbow and arrow, but modified the directions, layout and color schemes. The green and gold in the Longbow Funds logo are traditional colors associated with money and finance. The upwards pointing arrow captures the rising spirit of increased gains.

Visit the Longbow Funds website

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Once a company has gone through the very involved process of creating a new logo or rebranding an existing identity, there can be quite a sense of relief. The hours of planning, sketching, meeting, back-and-forthing, and arguing about colors and shapes has finally come to an end. People can start using the logo and move on with their business.

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