Raising the Stakes


Once a company has gone through the very involved process of creating a new logo or rebranding an existing identity, there can be quite a sense of relief. The hours of planning, sketching, meeting, back-and-forthing, and arguing about colors and shapes has finally come to an end. People can start using the logo and move on with their business.

Everything is finally settled. No need to keep changing things. Or is there?   » Keep Reading

Some of the excellent animal flash cards

Oh, Deer!


The dollar section of Target draws our attention. Buying things for a toddler (who is likely to fold, spindle, or mutilate anything we get him) is a little easier when we are only spending a dollar.   » Keep Reading

The British Airborne Units' logo, one of the few public domain images of a winged unicorn.



I was discussing My Little Pony with my nine-year-old niece one day (you know, like most of us do) and we turned to the topic of winged unicorns.   » Keep Reading

Stop the Hex!


Wandering through Target I stumbled across some baby bibs. There are some that are¬†appropriately decorated and there are plenty that aren’t, but the most obvious problem¬†was the one pictured here.   » Keep Reading