Peter’s Favorite Words


Here is Peter recognizing his aunt Kelli.
Here is Peter recognizing his aunt Kelli.

Last week Peter and I made a pass through the dollar area at Target. In late summer they have many items teachers might like to have in their classrooms. I’ve been wanting to display words in the house for Peter. So, when we found pocket charts for $1 I was excited! We also bought some word strips.

Later that day Kevin and I made a list of words Peter has been saying often and then Peter and I worked together to create word cards. I thought having the words displayed would be a useful tool, but, it turns out they are also fun. Peter has really enjoyed showing and telling and moving the words around. Often at the end of the day we use the cards to tell a story about what we did that day. I am very happy we made the cards and plan to make more. If you have small children in your home you may want to make some of your own. Here is how we made the word charts:


Step 1:
We found a place to hang the pocket charts where they would be easily accessible to Peter. Peter helped me by passing the nails and I did the hammering.

Step 2:
We used one of the word strips, a Sharpie and stickers to make a title card for the chart. I did the lettering and Peter did the stickers.

Step 3:
Kevin and I made a list of nouns and family members. We also made a list of verbs. We are still working on the verb cards.

Step 4:
I created a table using a word processing program. To make the cards the correct size I measured the pockets on the chart and then formatted the cells in the table to be the appropriate width and height.

Step 5:
I typed each word into a cell in the table and formatted the text by choosing a font and size I liked.

Step 6:
Peter and I worked together to find images. We did a Google image search for each of the words and then Peter selected the image he liked best. Letting Peter choose the images will give him a stronger connection between the words and images. This step took the longest mostly because Peter really likes the keyboard and mouse but has little to no skill with them.

Step 7:
We printed the word cards on card stock and cut them apart using a paper cutter.

Step 8:
As I cut the cards Peter carried them to the pocket charts for display. Once they were all done we found a small basket to store the cards since we have more than will fit in the chart. After that, we played with the cards. It was great fun and we learned a lot too!

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  1. misty reeves pier

    You must secretly be a special ed teacher at heart! This is amazing (ly simple, too) so impressed by you!!


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