Stop the Hex!


Hex Stop Sign
Wandering through the store, I stumbled across some baby bibs. There are some that are appropriately decorated and there are plenty that aren’t, but the most obvious problem was the one pictured here. How hard is it to pick the correct shape for stop signs?

A Good Idea: As long as you have to make a shape and add it to your bib image…go ahead and pick the right shape. Snowflakes are six-sided hexagons, stop signs are eight-sided octagons. Stop confusing my son while he eats.

2 Responses to “Stop the Hex!”

  1. Gayle

    I hope this doesn’t mean he’ll fail Pre-K. I’m wondering . . . Where was this bib manufactured? Is this some subversive plot to undermine safe driving? Are the subversive manufacturers trying to skew us by raising up a generation of teen drivers who will refuse to stop at an octagonal stop sign because they don’t believe it’s a valid roadway directive, saying to themselves (and the other teens in the vehicle), “That’s a fake Stop sign. We don’t have to stop here.”

  2. kevin

    At first, I attributed it to clumsiness or poor research, but I like your conspiracy idea much better.


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