The Best New Jersey Pizza in Florida


Pizza Parkway Logos
You must be careful when you design logos. Finding the right balance of imagery and text to make a distinctive, memorable logo is always a challenge. If you don’t get it right, you can wind up with a logo that is boring, unimaginative, and insignificant. But the worst, the WORST, thing you can do is get too close to another logo. It will lead to confusion, suspicion, and possible legal action.

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority filed a federal lawsuit against a pizza restaurant in Florida, claiming that the restaurant has infringed on the copyright of the NJTA’s logo. Both logos are here for your consideration. What do you think?

A Good Idea: Just do a quick Google search, a quick Google Image search, and a quick run through TinEye before adding your new logo to everything.

This is an ongoing story, so check your favorite news feeds for updates. Click here for a news article.

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