The Color of E


The Color of E

We purchased a mini-xylophone for my son so he can learn to appreciate music through shrill banging tones. As of now, he just enjoys pounding the bejeezus out of it, but he is gradually refining his technique to be more deliberate with what he plays.

The xylophone also comes with song sheets so he can learn to read music and play other people’s compositions. And here is the problem.

Carefully observe the note E and its color companion on the song sheet. On the xylophone key, the E is a bright pink bubblegum color, but on the song sheet it is a dark plum color. In fact, if you didn’t observe closely, you likely mistook the song sheet E for the xylophone key D.

A Good Idea: The message here is the same as with the six-sided stop sign. If you have to pick a color from all of the colors available to you, go ahead and pick the one that actually matches.

I just hope the color confusion doesn’t cripple my son’s future career as a celebrity xylophonist…

2 Responses to “The Color of E”

  1. Gayle

    So, are you going to go purchase some enamel paint in the appropriate color? Or are you going to the office supply store and try to find some matching dots?

  2. kevin

    Nah, for this problem we just keep him blindfolded and force him to learn to play by ear.


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