Thoughts From my Morning Drive


Today while I was driving I was feeling ashamed for the way I had behaved yesterday. I had been moping around all day wallowing in my own misery. Through a series of online bill paying mistakes my bank account had been overdrawn by $400 and I could not see a way to fix it. So I chooses to sulk. I certainly felt no comfort from God.

As I drove I also thought about atheism and how I often find it hard to believe that God is real. It’s so weird to believe in the miraculous when so much can be explained through logic. I thought about how I’d like to take Peter to the wetlands at the nature center and how he will be running away from me soon, at least that’s what everyone keeps telling me. So then I began to imagine him falling into the water. I’d dive after him of course and if I managed to save him would it be luck or God. Maybe I’d choose whichever one makes me feel better or I’d tell the story differently depending on who I was talking too. Because everyone knows censorship is the best way to reach an atheist.  A also wondered if there are any atheists in the bible. I’m certain there are pagans. But atheists? I’d like to know more about that. How can I tell my atheist friends about God when I have doubts myself.

By this time I had pulled up behind a large flatbed trailer. It had a sticker on it that said “superior towing”. I read it in my head many times. I thought it was empty but then I noticed that it was lugging a tiny load, about six small 4x4s. They were strapped to the trailer with fancy straps. I laughed out loud at the size of the load compare to the truck. It made me wonder how this had come to pass. Then, all of the sudden I realized how God must laugh in the face of my tiny burdens they are nothing compared to his superior strength. That is if I let HIM carry them.

I couldn’t find a picture of a big truck with a small load, but, I hope you enjoy looking at these trucks instead.

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