Two Dr. Pepper Stories


Dr. Pepper MathDr. Pepper TEN Bottle
I like Dr. Pepper and drink it on a regular basis. When Dr. Pepper 10 hit the shelves, I gave it a try and it was fine. My first drink was from a 2 liter bottle, so I didn’t notice the odd math until I picked up a 20 oz. bottle. Follow me through today’s math lesson:

Dr. Pepper TEN = 10 Bold Tasting Calories
But…1 bottle of Dr. Pepper TEN > 10 calories because 1 bottle > 1 serving
Actually…Dr. Pepper TEN = 10 Calories per 8 oz. serving
However…the label of the Dr. Pepper TEN says “20 calories per bottle”
But…1 bottle = 2.5 servings (20 oz. / 8 oz. = 2.5 servings)
So…10 calories x 2.5 servings = 25 calories
And since…25 calories > 20 calories…I’m not sure how to do that math.
Maybe you should drink a full bottle, then spit out ½ serving (or 4 oz. or 5 calories)

A Good Idea: Check the details in your project, because other people will. Check your math facts too, because there really are people out there who check things like that.


Dr. Pepper Branding
One day, I was changing my son’s diaper on the floor of our bathroom (yes, I had a comfy mat under him). While I worked, he glanced around the room, then said “Daddy’s cup”. I was confused and he kept staring and repeating “Daddy’s cup”. Finally I noticed what he was seeing.

High on a shelf by the shower was a small can of Dr. Pepper that I had left behind after I finished it. I then realized that whenever we sit down to dinner, Peter has his own cup and he sees me drinking a Dr. Pepper. How very logical for him to think “That little red can is Daddy’s cup”.

A Good Idea: Watch your own personal brand. Watch the image that you project to those around you. You never know who is watching and what they are seeing.

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